Easy Forms + EU VAT

A simple and robust add-on to ensure your form meets the European VAT regulations

This add-on was built to automatically charges the correct EU and UK tax rates based on the user’s location, while reverse charging B2B sales.

Only $19.00

And receive 1 year of FREE updates and support.

Main Features

Charges the correct VAT

Charges the correct VAT on sales to each EU country plus the UK

Exempt VAT on B2B sales

Automatically make tax-exempt those users in an EU country who supply a valid VAT Number.

Compatible with everything

Use it with conditional rules to dinamically calculate total costs and collect payments, Stripe, PayPal and more.

Validates VAT numbers

Validates customers’ VAT numbers connecting to the VIES API in realtime.

Use it with conditional logic

Do you want to collect non-EU VAT numbers with the same form field? Easy peasy, just define the conditions.

Quick 2-minute setup

Instant plug and play - install the add-on and start charging the correct VAT and storing evidence immediately

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in action

And receive 1 year of FREE updates and support.

Frequently asked questions

Wherever you’re based, if you sell digital products to customers in the EU then your Payment Forms must meet EU VAT rules. It’s the law!

One of the key features of this add-on is the ability to interact with the VIES, the VAT Number Validation service of the European Commission, then the Order Forms is able to validate and then automatically make tax exempt those users in an EU country who enter a valid VAT Number to you. This helps keep you compliant with VAT regulations.

Of course! You can use this add-on with your existing forms you already created.

Also, the validation process provided by this add-on is executed before the validation rules defined in the core, saving server resources.

Finally, this add-on is compatible with other add-ons like PayPal or Stripe.

Immediately after you make the payment for the purchase of this add-on, we will send you an email with the link to download the files.

Yes, we send update notification emails to the customers who have previously purchased the add-on, allowing them to download the updated files for free.

For the purchase of this add-on, you will receive one year of FREE updates and support.

This add-on requires Easy Forms & the PHP SOAP extension.