Easy Forms + EmailOctopus

Connect your online forms to EmailOctopus to quickly grow your email subscriber lists.

Every time someone submits your form, new subscribers are added to your EmailOctopus lists. If submitted contacts already exist, they’ll be updated automatically. You’ll no longer need to worry about manually adding subscribers to your email lists!

Only $19.00

And receive 1 year of FREE updates and support.

Main Features

Obtain More Subscribers Faster

Automatically add subscribers to your email lists when a form is submitted.


Control opt-in and only add subscribers when a certain condition is met.

Update Existing Contacts

Auto-update existing contacts with new submitted information

Custom Fields

Populate and create EmailOctopus custom fields from form field data.

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in action

And receive 1 year of FREE updates and support.

Frequently asked questions

One of the common problems Easy Forms users encounter is to send newsletter emails to people who previously filled their forms. There are really great tools to send emails, and one of them is EmailOctopus.

Using Easy Forms & EmailOctopus, you can:

  • Automatically gain new subscribers to your mailing lists
  • Be able to update the subcriber information
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Gain more information on your subscribers and use that data to deliver highly optimized campaigns.
  • Choose which users will be subscribed to your lists, and which ones don’t.

Of course! You can integrate one or multiple EmailOctopus accounts with your existing forms you already created.

No, there isn’t. Just the EmailOctopus cost.

Immediately after you make the payment for the purchase of this add-on, we will send you an email with the link to download the files.

Yes, we send update notification emails to the customers who have previously purchased the add-on, allowing them to download the updated files for free.

For the purchase of this add-on, you will receive one year of FREE updates and support.

This add-on requires both, Easy Forms and an EmailOctopus account.