Custom Error Messages

So useful to customize any validation message and make it a little bit more friendly.

Do you want to change the validation error message (when people did something wrong on your form)? It looks quite unfriendly for you. Let’s make it a little bit more friendly!

Only $19.00


And receive 1 year of FREE updates and support.

Main Features

Granular Customization

Select the field, the validation type and enter the customized message.

Every Field including reCAPTCHA

You can set a custom message for every field including the reCAPTCHA widget.

Improve your Conversion Rate

Define messages that focus on your target with a touch of familiarity.

Every Validation Type

Customize the warning of one, two or all of your validation types.

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And receive 1 year of FREE updates and support.

Frequently asked questions

While Easy Forms has powerful tools to validate fields, there is no simple tool that allows you to customize validation messages. Then this add-on covers this need.

Of course! You can use this add-on with your existing forms you already created. Also, the validation messages are perfectly integrated into the design of all forms.

Immediately after you make the payment for the purchase of this add-on, we will send you an email with the link to download the files.

Yes, we send update notification emails to the customers who have previously purchased the add-on, allowing them to download the updated files for free.

For the purchase of this add-on, you will receive one year of FREE updates and support.

This add-on requires Easy Forms.